Sick Haikus about Paid Sick leave

1 min readApr 22, 2021

This is a collection of Haikus written by members of OLE’s Workers Committee.

1. We are all losers/ when our coworkers work sick/ paid sick leave for all!

2. Want us to work , Want us to get sick at work, Workers need paid sick leave !

3.Oye mi jefe, dependes de nosotros. ¡No nos maltrate!

4. We will not be last. We have lasted together. At last we will rise.

5. We work to survive / Paid sick leave is vital/ We deserve to be valued

6. Be humane for all ; golden rule has come to call ; paid sick leave, no stall

7. (In the voice of the opposition, ahem:) Employees get sick / I don’t pay them to stay home/ We’re like family!

8. Workers unite now; we are not just moving parts; we are the machine

9. why work when we’re sick? It’s unsafe for all of us, Not healing, not just.

10. Pandemic is real / All our health is connected/ Pass paid sick leave now!

11. We’re sick and need healing/ Why do you sacrifice us? We are YOUR children.




OLÉ is a community organization, who uses grassroots organizing within the local community of working families in New Mexico.