Alyssa Luna on Voting Rights

My name is Alyssa and I’m a citizen without the ability to vote right now. I’m from Gallup and grew up in ABQ with my mom who always talked about politics in the house. I was lucky to have that and to have voted at an early age. But, I’m now 25 and cant vote because I’m on parole. I think this is wrong. Poorer people are the ones getting locked up and we are the ones who’s voting rights are being taken away so we can’t vote for the people who will help change our society for us. It keeps us in the cycle of oppression that has to stop. I’m working hard to get off papers as quickly as possible so I can vote in November because we need to change the course of our country. If you can vote, please do. And make sure you tell the politicians who you’re voting for that they should stop taking voting rights away from our citizens behind bars.

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This article was written from a Facebook Live stream video OLÉ did awhile back. Feel free to visit and watch the whole video here:

OLÉ is a community organization, who uses grassroots organizing within the local community of working families in New Mexico.

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